About Us

Summer 1986, character sheets are made, and a group of adventurers set off on an adventure into an uncharted forest. Thirty years later, and we still gather around the table every other Sunday to take a break from the world. Board, cards, or roleplaying games – whatever strikes our fancy is the week’s fare for us. The answer was easy when we asked what we wanted to if we worked for ourselves. 

We love games and we wanted to share that with everyone. Selling games to fellow game lovers, and anyone else who wanted a chance to gather with friends and escape for a while. And that’s what Northern Fox Games is, a chance for us to sell games the way we would want to have games sold to us.

We asked ourselves what would we want from a retailer; whether it’s miniature sets that save you money and get you what you need to set up for your tabletop session to the boardgames that work for you; books, spell cards, and dice that keep the games rolling. Everyone here loves gaming and we want you to love how we serve up gaming to you.
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