Cyberpunk 2020 Home of the Brave

Cyberpunk 2020 Home of the Brave

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"America’s undergone flood, fire, and famine in the last thirty years. Along with Martial Law and one of the longest guerrilla wars we’ve ever fought. There’s gangs on the streets, pollution in the air, and the corps looking down from above. But when the Outside gets too nasty, we still pull together and get the job done."
"Why? ’Cause it’s our country -- and that’s just the way it is."

Home of the Brave is the penultimate sourcebook for the Cyberpunk 2020 system. A detailed examination of the Politics, Society, Economics, and Military of America in the 21st century. Within these 144 pages you’ll find:
  • The Fall of America: How things got cyberpunk. The Collapse, the Chaos that followed, and the Martial Law that ended it.
  • New America: Work, Education, Religon, Family, Entertainment. How does the average (!) Punk live?
  • The Government: We’ve got a President ... but what does she do?? Who runs things; a look at the uneasy triumverate: National Gov’t, the Corps, and the Free States.
  • The Armed Forces: From international oppressor, to national savior, to just another job ... Their organization, equipment, and bases. Plus, how can your character can "be all that he can be."
  • State of the Union: What’s still good (and what’s truly bad) about this land of ours. The states are grouped into eight Regions, with the hot spots and possible adventure hooks noted.
So jack into that cyberbike and get ready to explore America in the Dark Future. Because in 2020, Freedom is just another word for Nothing Left to Lose ...

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