(WARMACHINE) Nicia, Hound of the Abyss (Infernals) PIP38023

(WARMACHINE) Nicia, Hound of the Abyss (Infernals) PIP38023 SALE

Privateer Press

$14.29 $14.99

With a rage utterly unfettered by the constraints of humanity, Nicia has bound herself the infernal cause. A peerless killer, she stalks the battlefield, unleashing death and misery in her wake.

Nicia is an incredible combat solo who packs a pair of Weapon Master melee attacks and a cannon that reaves souls for her Infernal Masters. A high SPD value, Acrobatics, Stealth, Parry, Quick Work, and Run & Gun make for an unpredictable threat that can weave her way past any opposition.

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