Monstrous SALE


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Olympus is shaking to its foundations. Faith among the mortals is waning and with it the very power of the pantheon. Zeus is in a rage: "Hear me, gods! I command you to send forth my MONSTROUS pets. Make them rain from the sky and erupt from the underworld. We will rekindle these mortals' faith - through FEAR!"

  • With a number of different Greek sites to use, each with their own unique location power, every game you play will take on a different feel.
  • Monstrous is a dexterity game for strategy gamers. Not only will you have to master the throwing technique, you’ll have to make a series of tough decisions along the way.
  • Each player has a deck of twelve different, beautifully-illustrated Monsters taken right from the myths of the ancient Greeks. Their powers work thematically with the legends that inspired them.

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