(HORDES) Grave Ghoul (Grymkin) PIP76036

(HORDES) Grave Ghoul (Grymkin) PIP76036 SALE

Privateer Press

$17.99 $18.99

Grave ghouls have a morbidly playful attitude toward the dead, finding a fascination with corpses without truly understanding death. They are especially drawn to the fresh dead, and their actions resemble a shadow play of the undertakers from folktales. They enjoy using their shovels to unearth bodies to display them to their peers or partially burying other grymkin before they have actually expired. Whether seen driving Death Knell wagons or searching among old battlefields, grave ghouls are creepily terrifying and quite dangerous if confronted. They are particularly aggravated by undead, which they feel driven to return to a less animated existence.

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