Great Western Trail - Rails to the North (Expansion)

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In this expansion, you carry on leading your familiar rancher life by herding cattle from Texas to Kansas City. As the industrialization of the nation has progressed, however, your focus of delivery has changed to the cities of the North and in the East - such as Chicago and New York City. But business in that direction is my tougher. So you would be well-advised to expand your operations even farther North by establishing branchlets in several towns along the new and shiny rail system and thus gain access to many new and helpful options.


Great Western Trail - Rails to the North includes new components that perfectly integrate with the base game and allow for even deeper strategies - without adding many rules.

Requires base game to play.



1 extension board

4 auxiliary add-ons

8 private building tiles

6 station master tiles

10 medium town tiles

20 exchange tokens

60 branchlets

4 player discs

1 rule book

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