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Who wants to win the gopher trophy prize? The player who does must be risky yet wise. Collect the gopher snacks in ones, twos and threes, and stop gathering food whenever you please. Get exactly six and not more to be the player with the highest score!

  • award winner
  • introduces simple strategy
  • encourages basic addition skills
  • endless combinations for replayability
  • ages 5+

Created by Reinhard Staupe

Basic Play

In Gopher It!, players are trying to collect exactly six apples or exactly six carrots or exactly six nuts and place them face up for safe storage. This is done by flipping over cards during a turn and deciding to keep what has been flipped or continuing to try to get more. But players should not get too greedy, because if they flip over the same type of food twice in row, then they lose all of the cards that they have previously collected on that turn. At any time, a player can choose to stop flipping over cards, in order to not risk losing what they have collected. However, players MUST stop after flipping over a maximum of 4 cards.

Set up

A scattered pile of Food Cards are put into a pile in the center of the table to form the Garden. On their turn, players pick any card out of the Garden and pick as long as they wish, up to 4 cards, unless they pick the same type of Food Card twice in a row.

Number of Players

For 2-4 players

Playing Time

Approx. 10 minutes

Educational Value

Encourages Basic Addition Skills, Introduces Simple Strategy, Social Interaction Play and Endless Combinations for Replayability, Fun for the Whole Family.

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