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The new Goblin chiefs are ready to sound the charge and assault the castle! This time, the fortress is defended by a moat full of muddy water. But our fearless heroes did not come unprepared! Among the Goblin warriors are lifeguards, rafts, divers, fishermen, and even a pedal-boat. and they will be needed to face the hazards (as well as the monsters!) hidden under the waters defending the castle! There are plenty of heroes of every kind, but this does not assure victory. Especially when a fray erupts among the Goblins in the middle of the battlefield. But at the very end, there will be just one cry: Goooooobliiiiins!!! Goblins Epic Death is a new chapter in the saga of our green-skinned little friends. Victory is at hand, and the castle is ready for capture - both are just an Epic Death away from you! So toss your Goblins, cross your fingers, and pray they all die. That way victory will be yours! Goblins Epic Death is a fast-paced "card 'n' luck" game. Simplicity + Goblins = fun for everyone!

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