Game Color Specialist

Game Color Specialist



Set with 16 Game Color for painting models and miniatures. This set has a specific selection of colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc. Contains 16 bottles of 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. and color chart.

This set conatins the following colours:
VAL72003 Pale Flesh
VAL72012 Scarlett Red
VAL72023 Electric Blue
VAL72047 Wolf Grey
VAL72057 Bright Bronze
VAL72058 Brassy Brass
VAL72061 Khaki
VAL72062 Earth
VAL72063 Desert ellow
VAL72064 Yellow Olive
VAL72065 Terracota
VAL72066 Tan
VAL72067 Cayman Green
VAL72068 Smokey Ink
VAL596 Glaze Medium
VAL520 Matt Varnish

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