Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition: Players Handbook (Hardcover)

Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition: Players Handbook (Hardcover) SALE

Wizards of the Coast

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goblin attack

fire breathing red dragon

magic missile, sorcerer

red dragon, city defense, tower defense

Create Infinite Characters

A elvish cleric, driven from society for trespassing on tradition. A dwarven paladin, atoning for an ignominous past. The Player’s Handbook provides the skeleton for your characters. Flesh them out however you choose.

Play D&D

Use dice and paper to step into the D&D world. Discover new lands, creatures, peoples, and legends. Arm yourself with sword and shield or cast powerful spells to take on your enemies.

Discover Spells and Magic

Learn to resurrect your allies with the touch of your hand or punish your enemies with blazing orbs of fire. The book includes a directory of spells, from rudimentary illusions like Dancing Lights to devastating attacks like Meteor Swarm.

Immerse Yourself in the D&D World

The stories you create are unique to you and your friends, and the memories you make can last a lifetime.

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