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Dragon Valley is an engaging game for the whole family for players age 6 and up. The goal of the game is to return the dragon younglings to their valley before the nasty wizard gets back to his tower and catches them playing fireball near his home. To help the baby dragons, two players each take a wand and use their magic to transport them back to the Dragon Valley.

What makes Dragon Valley special?

Dragon Valley is a game that connects generations. Discover the child in you and discover the magic in your child. Test your dexterity, communication and cooperative skills in this delightful family game!

- Dragon Valley is cooperative. Players are all working together to achieve victory.

- Dragon Valley has tactile and dexterity components that keep players engaged.

- Dragon Valley is a family game in which young players can be as good or better than adults.

- Dragon Valley encourages and rewards communication as the players move the younglings back to their valley.

- Dragon Valley has simple rules that allow players to start the game in moments.

- Dragon Valley has very high replayability. Two sets of different diameter wands, challenge cards (try helping the younglings with your eyes closed!), and optional distances make Dragon Valley never ending fun for new and experienced players.

- Dragon Valley is an environmentally friendly production. All products are made in Europe and all our paper, cardboard and wooden components, come from ecologically sustainable sources. 

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